Sunday, May 31, 2009

flying insects on faces...time flies

It feels like I have been in Australia for years. I am still finding my bearings as far as whats near or far and what I like and dont like. Its hard to believe its barely been a month. just at three weeks or so. In the time I have been here, we have found a house, bought a car, met some new friends and are finally getting in to some kind of routine. I am sure there will be much more adjusting to come, but for now, we are settled more than I would have expected.
Last week I made it a point to apply for jobs--from graphic design to grocery clerk. Nothing yet, but I am learning that aussies take their sweet ol' time doing anything. There is definately no rush. I think getting a job will be good for me to get out of the house. I have become quite domesticated. Each morning we wake up around 7am. I cook Nat breakfast, fix his lunch and send him off to work. You would think I would go back to bed, but I dont. The remainder of the day consists of cleaning, dishes, laundry and the dreaded ironing. I barely watch tv -- unless the 24 hour music channel counts (its what MTV is SUPPOSED to be!!) Somehow I fill my day with stuff to do. I retouch pictures, make lots of lists...i would do a devotion or two, but I think my bible is on a boat!
speaking of our stuff. We are hoping to get it within the next 3-4 weeks. It will be SO SO SO SO awesome to sleep in my bed. I slept on the couch last week because I wanted to NOT wake up with a neck cramp and a back ache! I LOVE MY BED!! I am hoping that it did not get destroyed! If it does, I guess Nats check next month will be going towards a bed! Its a little adjustment getting paid once a month. We had so many expenses right up front that we are living the next couple weeks without doing much of anything. We eat in every night...which is cheaper, and experimental. I made some buttered spaghetti last week that Nat LOVED. I am a pretty good (and sometimes creative) cook. I am pretty basic though. Spaghetti, chicken, potato soup (food of the poor!) and more spaghetti! I am looking for some recipes. I forgot to bring all my recipe books back with Cheryl. One day I am sure I will get them back.
Last week I went up to QUT to make sure everything was in order to start school. I had waited on giving back my offer letter because I wanted to have our new address and phone numbers. Apparently in order to officially be accepted indefinately and move on to the next steps of enrollments (ie classes, id, etc) I need to pay my first semester up front. Cause I have $10,000 just laying around. I talked to financial aid and they said not to worry about it, but I talk to other people and they say I must have all first semester cash in hand. I have applied to financial aid, but I guess it wont go through until i get enrolled...vicious backwards cycle! I am hoping I find someone to talk to that knows what they are talking about -- and SOON before I miss out on technicalities. I have been doubting my purpose in going into nursing, but I was encouraged from my other blog. I guess I just feel hormonal.
We have met some great people. We met Hans and Danielle through an online forum and had dinner with them. It was so much fun. We had so much in common and I am sure we will hang out again. There schedule for the next 3 months is filled with trips and arrangements but hopefully when they get back we can reconnect. I also had lunch with Natalie (friend of Robbie Ballmeyer). She is super sweet and I think she can really broaden our horizons as far as things to do. There is alot to do here, but it takes money one way or another--if just in gas money. Nat and I did drive down to Gold Coast on Saturday. It was a beautiful drive. They were having a blues concert near the beach. The ocean of course was beautiful but REALLY cold and windy. I am sure its not usually like that, but we were on the beach for about 5 minutes. Gold Coast I guess is sorta like Miami (although I wouldnt know)-- there are lots of really nice houses inside bays with their boats parked at their front doors (which was all water). I thought of how Ken and Vanessa would LOVE it there. The water was blue and sparkling. i am sure we will spend more time there when it warms up a bit. There is still so much more to discover inside Brisbane. The city life is very active. i am anxious to go to southport and ride the ferris wheel. I am hoping that we dont get into so much a routine with not spending money that we dont find all the adventures that dont take any money. We will get there I am sure.
I would tell you of all our adventures when we start really having some. I am not sure that writing about moving the desk and going grocery shopping is very entertaining. I am very happy to have internet though. I had so much catching up to do with the business. its like 9pm on sunday and I am pretty tired already. I have some errands to run this week..going to get Hep B shot, filling out some applications and paperwork with QUT, finish retouching wedding pics. i will be taking a First Aid Certification class in mid-June. granted I have the money to pay for it! The next couple months will be better, just the first month hit us hard with having to put down deposit and first month's rent and buy appliances and basic essentials (like food and laundry detergent).
Nat and I have been going on walks around the subdivision. We went one day in the rain and we were SOAKED when we got home, but it was awesome...and we went one day in the dark (cause it gets dark when Nat gets home). I have ventured out once. I was trying to figure out how long it would take me to walk to bus stop...20 minutes. Not too bad...all subdivision. Nat claims there is a much quicker route, but it involves paths rather than roads and I like to stick to roads until I walk it with him 3 or 4 times. I dont have gps for walking!
well i guess i am off here for now. Nat really should blog more...he is quite the slacker.
love you all. hope all is well with you.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Finally got Internet. I will post blog tomorrow. Not much to report but I'll do my best.

chrissi alice

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Checking 'em off the list...

Last night we bought a car, pending financing. It was necessary expense because Nat will have to give up the company Ute on Monday. We probably wont get it till sometime next week, hopefully Tuesday. Its a Toyota Corolla Hatchback. nothing fancy, but will get us where we need to go. Friday was exhausting. We signed for house, got out licenses, picked up credit cards at bank, bought car...and I am sure other tidbits in between. It felt like we ran non-stop all day.
today we slept in a bit. Then went over to the house to check it out. It will need a major overhaul in cleaning...but I guess that is my job next week. Our appliances got delivered today but we wont have electricity until Monday (although agent said it would still be on). I was supposed to have lunch plans with Natalie on Monday, but had to cancel because someone needs to be there for electric guy, anytime from 1-6pm. Our fridge is too tall, so we will have to figure that out. Luckily the cabinets are able to be finagled. While waiting for appliances, we ran to get some lunch and bought a mattress. it is comfortable enough and was pretty cheap. Loaded it up in the Ute and went back to house. After appliances came we went shopping and to run a couple errands. We had to return stuff we bought last weekend because our lovely owners left us so much to work with till our stuff arrives. We went to KMart and had to buy so much crap. Mainly cleaning supplies so that I can tackle that job this week. We also got sheets for the new mattress. We will still have to wait until mid-July for the rest of our stuff. We will be moved in by Wednesday, but its nice to have hotel until then.
Tonight we are going to see Angels and Demons at the cinema. I am excited about it. I read half the book, yet Nat read it all in the last couple days...i am such a slacker.
Tomorrow we are going to go to Ikea and try to find a cheap bed frame. We opted not to buy the boxspring (ensemble) and to get a cheap slat bed from IKEA. Slowly but surely things are falling into place and we are getting settled. Can you believe I have only been here for 10 days? Amazing what you can do in a month between the two of us! Hopefully next month we wont have quite as many off hand expenses and can make due until our stuff gets here.
Its Nats turn to write...with requests for work related experiences that I cant answer. I will be happy to be in the routine of life for a bit.
Funny story...i am not thrilled about driving. Its not bad, but I am procrastinating as long as possible. Nat today forced me to drive. He wanted me to drive to our next destination, but I opted to just drive within the quiet subdivision. I think he was relieved I didnt get out into traffic. I think he was stressing a bit. I didnt hit anything, and its rather easy to get a hang out with rotaries and driving on the wrong side. Its more of where you are in your lane that is a bit tricky. So like him, I hugged the left side of the least now he knows how i feel when he drives!! =) Ill get it soon enough, but I think i would rather learn in a compact car instead of a Ute (which feels more like a semi-truck).

Love you all...we are off to the movies!

What you have all been waiting for....

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Hello all! I guess I have a lot of catching up to do!
last weekend we shopped around for cars and got rough idea on furniture. Ill try to recount this week, although the days are running into each other. We went to IKEA and got some essentials that we have but on a boat somewhere on the Pacific. SO we go some dishes, pots and pans, measuring cups, oven really is amazing what you need in JUST the kitchen. Imagine the supplies, bathroom, bedroom, closet, kitchen, etc etc! Some stuff we have coming, but I think we learned from this experience what is necessary asap. Regardless we got some essentials cheap to hold us over till Mid-July.


We were supposed to meet up with owners for dinner. But they had to cancel, which was a total bummer but I totally understood. So all in all, we received from them 5 pc sectional couch, 7-seater dining room table, 2 bar stools, some yard equipment and desk. What started out as table and chairs, ended up being alot of what we needed furniture wise. They got the tile, carpet and couch cleaned for us. I dont think I did anything too interesting this day. I watched a really cheesy horror flick and looked for jobs online plus called around to all the car dealerships. nat and i went out sunday to lots to get some options, out of about 10 we saw on sunday in lot, 6 were sold by 2pm on Monday---UGH UGH UGH. I did finally find one that i like that we put deposit down to see on saturday. What is really cool is that they will actually bring the car to you! at least we have something secured until we can make it there (EVERYTHING closes at 5-5:30 so it makes it sorta IMPOSSIBLE) In lieu of dinner plans, nat and i got hungry jacks (i am SO sick of eating out!!!)


Tonight we had dinner plans with people from Hastings Deering. The girl Nat is replacing is 6 weeks from busting and it was her farewell party. We went to Cactus Jacks, a "mexican" restaurant. It was no Margaritas or El Rancho Grande. I am wondering if those places actually exist!! It was decent food nonetheless. I walked up to the mall today just to walk around. It is quite the hike up a hill. I took pictures that I am going to post. We got to Cactus Jacks around 7 and didnt leave till nearly 10:30...Aussies can TALK!! It was great! There was rarely a dull moment in the conversation and although I didnt work with them, I felt somewhat included.


I was supposed to go to QUT and have the beginning of my Hep B shots for school and I was also going to get my student id and take care of anything else I needed to do. I cancelled. I only had about $50 left and it would easily be over $100 day with the fee for shot as well as taxi. I opted to wait to figure out bus system when I get to house, since I will be coming and going from there. Apparently its very confusing. I have lunch plans with Natalie on Monday so hopefully she can help me out. In lieu of QUT I watched Biggest Loser with my awesome right? We got on skype video call and they set the camera right in front of the tv. It was nice to "hang out" with them. Much better that visiting QUT!!
For dinner Nat and I ordered pizza hut. I was sorely disappointed. Nothing here tastes the same. I am about to crawl into a hole of not eating cause its not worth it. That is the main reason why I am SO excited to have kitchen so I can start cooking what I know I will like (and it wont cost me a fortune!) There are definately things I miss. Wings...with good sauce. Ranch dressing that doesnt taste like honey mustard horseradish. hamburgers with MEAT. familiar cheese. crack dip. even the coke tastes funny. Maybe it is all mental, but it matters to my brain. I got strawberry sundae from McD---smelt like old mans stinky underarm. (funny side story, as i sat down to eat my sundae, a little girl was playing hide and seek with kids in next room over (playroom) and then they started sticking their tongues out at her. No kidding, that girl leaned back and haulked a loogie on the 3 times. After that i vowed not to eat stinky strawberry sundaes in the presence of spitting children.)


Yesterday I went out on my own and went shopping. I had to run errands and go to bank, look for mattress and appliances. I have been extremely frugal. I compare all the prices from one store to the next and try to haggle. Last night (stores open late on Thursdays so Nat could go shopping with me) we finally got all the necessity appliances. I think we got a really good deal compared to the competition, plus the sales guy was super nice and lenient! Check that off the list. We are desperate for a mattress. They are so hard to shop for. It has been way overdue finding a mattress. We would otherwise be sleeping on the couch/floor. I got an email from owners of house...consider for a moment how unbelievablely cool this is.

Hi Chrissy and Nat,

We finally got everything packed up and have arrived safely in Hervey Bay, but I just wanted to let you know that you wont have to worry too much about buying kitchen stuff as we have left you a few things to get you started.

* Crockery & cutlery
* glassware
* Pots and 1 pan
* Plastic containers
* A roasting dish and roasting trays
* Iron and Ironing board
* mop & bucket
* Various washing buckets
* cooking utensils
* Foils and glad wraps
* toilet brushes & toilet bins
* TOilet paper basket
* hand held vaccum and extension cord
* 2 x heavy duty extension cords in the garage

I tried to keep everything at least matched. If you dont need many of the items, you can just toss them in the trash. Anything we have left behind is for your use and not part of your lease contract.

We have also left you a bottle of Northern Territory Brew. (as we are not drinking anymore)
Im not sure what this one tastes like, it was an unwanted gift.

ANything else you need, just let us know.

Thanks again,

Lisa and Dean

Seriously!!! So now we get to go back to IKEA and return most everything we bought. Honestly I will need to see most of it to know what exactly it is. How cool though! So much of the stuff we need and some stuff we didn't even think about. highlight of my day! Last night I put my resume into a couple places. Photography jobs are more prevalent here so hopefully that will work out to give me something to do until i start school in July. Overall Thursday was very successful.

Friday (so far)

Today Nat and I get to go sign for our new house! I am SO excited to get out of this hotel room. It hasnt been bad, but I just know what the house looks like and I want to be there! WE sign for house, go get AU licenses, pick up credit cards from bank, finish mattress shopping and possibly go car shopping. Finding a car is priority this weekend since Monday will be the final day Nat will have car provided by company. We have car secured to look and appointment tomorrow morning that I think will work. It really is a daunting task to find a decent car for a reasonable price. They dont have quite the selection or competition as in the states. 1999 cars are going for over $10,000. I think we may go see Angels and Demons tonight, but that highly depends on if we find a car, because if we do, we will be taking me driving on side roads before I bring that bad boy home! So I am off to get dressed and go check out some furniture stores to compare mattress prices more diligently. I need to write them all down and try to remember if I thought they were comfy. Nat will be coming home early at noon so that we can run all these errands.

Tomorrow we have more car shopping and hopefully mattress finding. Our appliances will be delivered and hopefully we will have mattress by Monday so we can move out of this hotel into HOME!!

I am really trying to be good. Life has been sorta hectic but I dont think its going to get any better.
love you all
Mrs. P

Monday, May 11, 2009

beautiful and boorrringgg

so the house hunt is over and i can't car shop on my own. Nat goes to work at like 7.30am and gets home about 5.30pm. i am usually up before him in the morning and cant get back to sleep...yeah I know...totally out of character,but I imagine its like getting up at noon in the states =). Today I called around to car dealerships to see if the cars we looked at yesterday in the lots were still available. out of say 10 cars we considered, 6 were already sold. The car turnover is mind-blowing. Fortunately they have a deposit deal where you put down deposit of like $50 to hold the car so they wont sell it before you actually get a chance to see it. One cool aspect though is that they will actually bring the car you are interested in to your doorstep. Bad part about car shopping is that the dealerships close PRECISELY at 5pm. They do not mess around with closing time. Actually almost everything closes at 5pm...the mall, some grocery stores, department stores. There are few things to do after 6pm (and its dark by then too).
nat and i ran quickly to the grocery store at 6.55pm, it closed at 7pm. When we left, they practically had all the lights turned out and were prepared to lock the doors. Closing time is no funny business here. So nightlife is far and few between. I am not sure exactly what an aussie does when they get home from work and cant go shopping.
Its interesting to live in an environment that for the most part is very non-materialistic. There is just not a focus on it at all. They are also VERY enviromentally conscious. They just lifted the ban of using water to wash car or water yard, or anything else "wasteful" -- they have recycle pick up like US but I am sure here that they recycle bin is bigger than normal trash lol...
So Nat and I were really looking forward to dinner tonight, but unfortunately they cancelled on us. I can understand though, they are leaving on Wednesday and still have a lot to do, but I guess there were alot of setbacks today. Tomorrow we are going for mexican...i am sure it will not be anything like in US. I highly doubt they have crack dip, or even mexicans for that matter...would be QUITE the hike for them.
I have made lunch plans with Natalie, a friend of Robbie Ballmeyer. We finally communicated today and made plans. I am SO excited to meet her. She seems like she will be SO much fun to hang out with. What Aussie wouldnt be fun?!?!? They are so incredibly laid back and friendly. I am going to have to learn to be nice!!! I think she will be a great asset when it comes to decorating the new house. IKEA here we come!
So, I thought that selling everything was so liberating, but didnt realize all the esssentials we had to have. Our stuff wont get here till early July and it has everything for our kitchen..plates, cups, silverware, utencils. we have NOTHING. we went to IKEA and got some essentials. I am thinking on the way home we will have twice as much as we came with...i guess you can never get rid of all the STUFF.
It really is beautiful here. Every sunset is amazing and the sky seems like its so close. The moom seems bigger, the stars brighter...oh funny, imagine a sky WITHOUT orion! I really am on the other side of the world!
Love you much....

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Social Life, etc

Today Nat and I decided to get up early and go car shopping. Nat currently has a loaner car from Hastings Deering but we really need to invest in our own car. We are having some issues at the moment. 1. There are not really any cars under $13-15,000. 2. We dont have that kind of money on hand. 3. They arent super keen on giving loans out to people like us. So we are sorta in a perdicament. I am sure we can figure something out, but it is becoming quite the hassle. I was hoping not to spend that kind of money on a car we will have for only 2 years, but its sort of a necessity.
After a couple hours daydreaming about what we couldnt afford we had an appointment to meet with the owners of the house again today. They are moving to Cairns and are packing up. It is unusual to have contact with the owners. Most transactions would go through the agent/property manager. We had a great chat with them the first time we met them and this time was no different. Again we were there for over 2 hours. They are attempting to get rid of some of their furniture, ie dining table, end tables, couch...and we were obliged to take it off their hands! =) We ended up with table with 6 chairs, 2 bar stools, 5 lazyboys (sorta like detachable sectional), tv stand, and one large and one small trendy coffee tables. We are negotiating for the fridge so we wont have to buy one of those (they dont come standard in AU). Overall it was a good deal. We went furniture shopping after we left and were relieved to have taken care of some big purchases without even having much of a hassle. I think they were relieved to get rid of them.
While chatting, we were discussing different locations that we should go and visit. Lisa (the wife) started making us a list. We arranged to have dinner on Monday night, where she promises a more defined list of local and New Zealand must-go-to spots. They really are a great couple and I hope we find more couple like them that arent moving far far away. They are very close to our age and are very trendy. He has worked as a graphic designer and currently makes these amazing cravings out of wood. Their house and all its decor (including furniture) fit right into my tastes and I can totally see how I will decorate. We sign our lease next Friday and then we can move in right away. We are trying to figure out our options of sleeping arrangements until our boat brings over our belongings.
So dinner plans on Monday with Lisa and Dean. Dinner plans on Tuesday with people from Nat's work. Campus visit to QUT on Wednesday. Thursday, no plans but I am sure shopping is involved. Friday sign for new house. Last night we had dinner at John's house (Nat's boss). We will still have hotel until following wednesday, so that will give us time to make arrangements for whatever we might need. We have more of a social life here than in the states!
I have a connection here through a friend that spent some time here in Brisbane a couple years ago. I am hoping to get together with her and be great friends! She has offered to be my tour guide. I am hoping also that she will be a great asset in finding a church home. She graduated from Cincinnati Bible Seminary and I am pretty sure her dad is in ministry here in Brisbane at a Baptist church, but I am SURE that it is structured WAY different than what I grew up with.
I feel like I may be leaving out some details, but I cant remember what I have emailed to my sisters and what I have wrote here. All well, I cant give ALL the details. I am outta here now, Nat and I are on our way to dinner and movie (Star Trek---what am I thinking?!?!?!).
Love you all....
Mrs. P

Friday, May 08, 2009

Future abode

chrissi alice


Some quick thoughts.
About House:
Apparently AU has bold criminals that walk into your house to steal from you WHILE you are still there so having a house in a great suburb on a quiet cul-de-sac and an alarm system makes all the difference. Plus they have a sorta doggie door already...its for cats, but I am hoping that the dogs fit through it. The house is AWESOME!! It is a little more expensive than I would really care for, but it stays within our budget..hell it is our budget! We will be paying $400/week but in comparison to all the other houses that were going for $350, it is a STEAL.
There was a house yesterday for $340 that was about 50 years old and EVERYTHING was pink...floors, carpets, walls, tubs....EVERYTHING. Looked a little rundown. Our house is surrounded by parks, even a dog park, have security system, a little over 3 years old, tile throughout with a THEATRE kidding!! its like a four bedroom with 2 baths and a deck in back. There is a public park across the street that has a community grill/barbie which means its practically ours =) The house is absolutely PERFECT!! It is a little out of the way deep within a suburb that only has one windy road in and a mile or so hike from bus (although most people drive to stop). It is secure, quiet, newer....perfect!! plus they move out on May 13, so we can move in anytime after that.
Grocery Shopping:
Groceries are still expensive! It's ok a little once u realize it's by kilo not pound --kilo equals about 2 pounds. Will take a little getting used to but at least now I know what stores to go to now. Cheryl was a great help in leading me in the right direction. I didnt buy much because there is not much room in our itty bitty fridge. At least Nat will have some lunch for next week.
Some things to consider.
1. If this is winter, I am hestitant of summer weather and DEFINATELY need to invest in shorts and skirts and throw away all my sweatshirts/security blankets.
2. Nat is miserable without me...coke and beer is all he has -- sounds like a bad Springer Episode.
3. If you want to stop drinking coke, move to AU. $3 for 20oz. Also, stop eating...$9 for sandwiches is sorta ridiculous. Also, dont smoke, you;ll go broke at nearly $10/pack. I imagine there arent many Aussies that eat out often, and if they do, they are millionaires.
4. There is a bird outside our villa that sounds like a chainsaw cutting up a small child.
5. No Koala sightings yet...crickey!
6. It is a new feeling when you get stared at while you talk...I wonder if aussies think US accents are as cool as we think aussie accents are. if they do, i wont conform and stay strong with US accent, just to be loved!
7. I had grocery shopping plans with Nat's boss's wife, Cheryl. At least I didnt have to WALK!! it seems a little better when you realize its $5/kg..which is about 2 pounds...that will take a little getting used to.
8. TV...hmm, honestly I dont think I will be watching much. They have weird sense of humor.
9. hiphop, top 40...from what I have heard, its all sorta electronic emo....all well, at least I have Etta James on my IPOD.
10. I love my IPhone. It makes me feel "connected"

We got a House!!

So today the torture of looking for a house ended. We got a house! 10 days ago I went to a house inspection. I walked in and I knew right away this was the house. The house has a bit of a walk to the nearest bust stop - about a km away, but its the best house that I had gone thru. I don't have pictures yet, but will definitely put some pictures up next week after we sign and can get moved in.
So anyway, I put the offer in the day after i went thru the inspection and ended up not hearing anything back from the Realtor. I wasn't sure what was going on so called them back on Tuesday after the holiday. They told me that we were the only offer, and they where just waiting to get confirmation from the owner. So Chrissi lands on Wednesday and since they still hadn't made a decision on the house, I called up the Realtor and asked if we could set up another inspection so that I could take Chrissi through it. If she didn't like it we would just forget about the offer. Well I get a call back on Wednesday night and the owners want to meet us and show us through the house personally on Thursday. So the next day i'm talking to my co-workers about this and they say this is highly unusual.(what about this move, or Chrissi and I is?)
So Thursday comes, and since we don't know if the house is for sure yet we have a couple more inspections scheduled just in case the other doesn't work. Well we get to those houses and It was really great, cause it gave Chrissi a chance to see some of the Junk that is available and for the price its really junk. Well, we finally get to the house with the owners about 5:30. It really is a great house - its way more house then we need 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, projection screen room ( its all set up minus the projector darn it they are taking it with them!) But for the price its in our price range, its the best looking house that I had seen, nice yard with dog park close. Across the street is another park with a stainless steel gas/electric grill that is free of use for anyone. Anyway we ended up talking with the owners for 2 hours. They are a super nice couple and i wish they where not moving away as they are defenitaly someone that we could be friends with. So as we leave i'm still trying to talk the house up to Chrissi, and she looks and me and says "you don't have to keep selling me on the house, i feel totally at east that it will be our home." So i call up the Realtor and say we are still very interested in the house and want our offer to continue. I get a call back today at 10 that the offer was accepted by the owners (YEAH DO THE DANCE). So after 3 weeks and prob 500km of driving we got a house. I can't put in words how happy i am to not have to look for a house anymore. It wasn't so much stressful as just starting to get worrisome that we wouldn't find something in time and would possibly have to stay in the hotel longer.
Now we have to find a car. But that can't be anywhere near as hard as buying a house(right?).

Anyway, work has been really wonderful. I love my co-workers, and i'm really excited to be using the knowledge i have, yet still learning something everyday. Its a bit overwhelming as there is alot that they do that isn't how i learned it or how the system was set up to run, but I was expecting that and I know this is going to be a great experience for me.

Anyway I'm off to bed long day tomorrow going to meet the owners again to talk about some of there furniture they don't' want to haul away, that we just might buy, plus we are car shopping, wish us luck!

21 Watheroo Pl, Parkinson QLD 4115

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Chrissi's First Days

I left Cincinnati at 4:50pm on Monday night. From there I flew to LA, then to Auckland and finally to Brisbane. The flights were not bad at all. Cin to LA was REALLY bumpy and I was the middle seat on a full plan next to a lady that leaned on me to sleep. I honestly have never had a stranger try to sleep on me, its rather strange. LA to Auckland was good flight. I had reserved the exit row window seat. When Nat reserved his tickets, exit row wasnt available so he opted to upgrade to business for $300. Must have been one helluva deal that day because when I tried it was only a mere $900 (mind you I only paid $950 round trip to AU). I didnt have anyone next to me. I am sorta surprized, it would seem to me that those seats would go fast. New Zealand Airport is beautiful...couches and big comfy chairs...brillant! Up to this point I had only took about a 4 hour nap on plane from LA to NZ but for some reason I wasnt all that tired. Finally I got on my last flight, seat was the same, window exit row with no neighbors.
I landed in Brisbane about ten minutes early at 10:45AM on Wednesday. It didnt take too long to get through customs. I had to get name fixed on visa and got caught with Cadbury Eggs in my suitcase. If the lady wasnt so nice, those would have been $1000 Cadbury Eggs!! When they ask you if you have any food, chocolate counts!! I wasn't thinking about my checked luggage. I finally got through in about 10 minutes and saw Nat. He was so cute. I am not sure at this point if I could really express my thrill, being that I think I was half braindead.
First in car...
riding in the "drivers seat" but being a passenger is not that bad, but definately takes some getting used to. nat hugs the left side of the lane, so I always feel like I am going to go straight into the car next to us. He is a good driver though. I guess I will be ok driving, but I think it will be a while until I get the chance because I cant drive the company car, and honestly I am excited about taking the bus! They have 500 brand new buses and everyday business people populate them, so it does not have that US taboo.
Nat drive me to the same scenic point he initially went to. It is crazy to really see the way the city is laid out. It like no other city I know. It looks flat from above, but its rather hilly. It is literally like looking at a map in 3D (without the labels of course). Things seem farther away then they actually are. Driving through the city reminds me of LA. There are tons of mom and pop shops, cafes, and boutique stores. There are not very many places that have those big open strip malls like Northwoods (IL) or Tri-County (OH). I imagine its more like Clifton or a MUCH LARGER Tremont. After the scenic route we made our way back to hotel/villa. I dropped off my stuff and then we were off to run some errands.
Basically we went to the mall. Opened up new account at bank, change all my USD to AUD. (I am going to need a change purse!! -- $1, $2 and .50, .20, .10, .05 are all coins...) After that we got some food at the mall, some ok pasta, then went to VodaFone to get me a phone. Unfortunately they said he had to wait 3 months before he can add anyone to his plan. Dont fret though, they called this morning and got approved to add me on. Today I get to go pick up my phone. While at the mall, Nat got a call from agent about a house he really likes. We have appointment to see it today with the owners (which i guess is a good sign).
After the mall, we drove to the house Nat really likes. It is in Parkinson and seems like forever away from anything. It is beautiful though. Nestled deep inside of a quiet more upscale neighborhood. It is a little walk from bus station, but after research we found it was about hour commute (which I am prepared for). Its not that bad, only 15 minutes longer than other locations we have looked into. It is not walking distance from anything, but is surrounded by parks and walking trails. We will see what happens. Today we are going to go see about 3 other locations. Pray we find something soon that is within our budget and that we can move into asap.
It gets dark in AU around 5:00pm (that is also when EVERYTHING, even the mall, closes) around 6pm I was exhausted. Nat forced me to stay up until 8pm, and I barely made it. I woke up around 7am. I think I am good with the jetlag.
Now today...there are more adventures,but I am not sure I have time to write about them, so I will have to write in a bit. Funny stories to stay tuned!!

Mrs. P

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Lost for words..

Apparently NAT has had a loss for words. Sorta sucks cause I (and many other people) loved his rants and raves about daily living. Once I get there, I will try to kick him into gear, but I have a feeling I will just be adding something else to my list.

Today is my last full day in OHIO. I am going out to lunch with my sister and a couple girlfriends. Then off to my favorite treat! BLUE ICE CREAM!! If you have never had Kings Island Blue Ice Cream, then you are definately missing out! My girlfriends and I got season passes so that we could get blue ice cream whenever we wanted over the summer. It brings back so many great memories. After BLUE ICE CREAM, i MUST finish packing. I have most of the stuff I need packed, but I still have some stuff to cram in there. I dont think I will have a problem, I am pretty good at being able to let things go.

Tomorrow I get to spend the whole day with Carol. She has a Dr. appt and then we will have lunch and be to the airport by like 2:30. My plane leaves at 4:50 from Cincinnati and I will arrive in Brisbane at 10am on Wednesday. Thats when this adventure REALLY begins. I think I have covered all the loose ends here in the states. I will not take my cell phone with me, so delete me from your phone books. I am sure I will post a new number on the blog (to the right) so you know how to find me.

I am anxious, sad, scared, and thrilled all at the same time. I am thinking life will settle down here soon enough and get into some kind of rhythm, but maybe not...doesnt matter I guess. It was been great to be able to come "home" before I left the country. I like spending time with my friends and family and it was long overdue! From now on, they have to come see me...=)

Ill write more later...hopefully Nat will log on here and tell you about his adventerous first week of work. Keep your fingers crossed.