Friday, June 23, 2006

We finally finished

Well we finally finished the fence!! oh it is beautiful!! if i ever find the time in the day to take a picture i will post it here. I am so proud of us. We make a great team. So now is the issue of getting back to normal. Its been over a month and I still havent had the oppurtunity to finished the thank you notes. I feel like i am never going to get my head above water.
We are trying to get outta debt. Start our lives off right and not end up like many other families. Last night we took a leap forward. slowly but surely we will kick this debt out and BY GOD we will not be in this position again in the future. I have had my financial problems, made my bad decisions, but no regrets. I wouldnt be where i am now with my train of thought about money if I had never experienced the troubles.
Life is good. We are keeping ourselves busy. Getting out of the house, visiting and getting to know the family. I have a feeling for the first while that it will only be family as people i know.
I have met some great ladies and love everyone. i started a bible study with ruth ann, which is nice because it gets in involved somewhere. I am not one to sit around and be passive, i like to be doing things.
So we have a couple other house-altering projects in mind. But he assured they wont be a glimmer in our minds until we get some financial stuff taken care of and we will not go into debt to do any of them. pinky swear!
Well, thats about it i guess.
Talk to you soon