Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Baby Bump

Here is a little pic to show the progress of baby bump. I wanted to update more about pregnancy and stuff but its been a busy couple months and now that I am finally finished with uni I can play around and share more.
I did have a bit where I was all freaked out because baby is usually pretty active then for like a week or so there was nothing, and couple that with my non-exist pregnant symptoms I got a little freaked out. My mom had a still birth so its just always on my mind that no matter how far along I am, there really isnt a "safe" zone. But everything was all good at my last OB appt. Baby is very active and HR is about 145bpm. I also have a big sono on Friday which I am really excited about because they do it for like an hour and check all the organs and chambers of heart and stuff like that. We can also find out sex but not sure if we will be doing that, even though Nat wants to know--I still dont want to. I want it to be a surprize. I guess I will decide Friday morning. I will be sure to give an update then...

Otherwise Nat and I are doing well. He is gone for work for the next couple months so that sorta sucks, but I am glad he loves his job and he is doing so well! I am so proud of him. I am all finished with nursing school, just have to get all my paperwork together to send in for my registration and I will start applying for grad programs in august. I should know by Sept/oct if I am accepted and if not I will apply for jobs instead...I think I will start working part time in february sometime. Until then I will just stay at Fitness First as receptionist. Its decent pay for what it is.

well i love you all...talk soon!