Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Can You Believe It?

Can you believe that Nat and I have been married for over two years?!!??!? We celebrated our 2 Year Wedding Anniversary last week on May 20. Time flies so fast, and although its only been 2 years, I feel we have only grown closer and stronger.

We bought a new house in September 2007, and have been working on it to finish since then! We spent all weekend trying to finish it, but kept running into snags and although we got ALOT accomplished...we didnt finish anything! Just like having a place of your own eh? The work is never done!

Nat is awesome as always. He got a new job at work as support manager, and he is still doing all his previous duties. I really think he likes his job. He is also still going to school to get his bachelors finished. He should be done in May 2009 (crossing fingers)
I have my days where i like my job at PJS. Right now it is easy consistent money and its not hard work, just frustrating. I am looking into getting my photography business off the ground...i figure its one thing i am good at and i like to make my own schedule. Guess we will see how long it takes me to get that accomplished ( i am not so good with getting goals accomplished...i am quite the procrastinator).

The girls are growing up -- and getting lazier day by day....they will be three years old in september. Shyla is a bit older, i believe she will be 9 or 10 in june.

Nat and I are considering children...i guess we will see how long it takes for that to come about. its exciting and scary and overwhelming but thrilling and oh you know, lots of mixed emotions..

well that is about it for us. Ill try to keep you more updated, although i am not sure anyone even reads this blog anymore.

Love you all
Mr and Mrs P