Tuesday, October 17, 2006

On the homefront

so nat and i have been busy around here. We pulled up the vinyl anf carpet and replaced it with tile and hardwood. It looks beautiful. nothing too exciting going on. I quit my job with virtuallnk and am now working part time for a photographer (www.onastudio.com). It is definately more up my alley as far as what I want to do and not nearly the stress or turmoil of virtuallnk. Nat is still working for Accenture and loves it. Its nice to have a job you really enjoy and I am glad he has that. No plans of children yet, although i know the grandparents are anxious. They have waited this long...they can stand to wait a bit longer.
I wish there was something spectacular to say, but nothing comes to mind. So until then.....

Mr and Mrs P