Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Hello all
Long time i know. Just wanted to give you a slight update. I dont even think people read this blog so i am going to make it short and sweet. We have been great. Went to Jamaica last week. My friend Jen got married and I was her photographer, now is time to go through all the pictures and tweek them a bit. OH FUN. I actually like working in photoshop, but would rather do it as a hobby rather than a job. I have ventured into something new and i hope it to be very successful. I am started a home-based multi-level marketing called ARBONNE. you can find out more information online at I have yet to come across anyone that hasnt had a successful business (granted they DO it). The Product line is INCREDIBLE. Its a botanical swiss formulated skin care line. They also have other products such as anti-aging (biggest seller and best investment) a mens line, baby line, anti-acne line, vitamins, weight loss and makeup. I am trying to organize some parties for my start months and if anyone is interested please contact me. Ill keep you updated about how that is going. If you want to read more in depth about me go to
Thats all for now
Mrs. P

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

oh married life

i always thought i would love being married, and of course i was right. I am usually right about what i thought i would want...i said USUALLY!
Nat is wonderful. Half the time i dont know how he puts up with me. I am a girl, through and through, with the random girlish spats. I am independant through and through too, so its hard sometimes, but we manage well. Yet to get into a fight, though we do have little tantrums sometimes (more like him putting up with my tantrums).
I have been working alot lately and trying to get all my projects till septemeber done this month. I think i can actually do it, we will see.two week from today that we go to Jamaica. I am excited. It will be so much fun and a much needed vacation i think. a laid back event in the sun. I am most excited to show off my man!!
we have had some drama lately. went down to visit my mom in KY last weekend and Etta and Sadie BOTH got bit by a snake. They were all swollen and miserable. One of those times when i wish i could've been there to protect them, but they love to run the woods and i cant keep up.
Speaking of running though (btw the girls are MUCH better)...Nat and I have started a running regime. we are using an eight-week plan to get to the point where we can run 30 minutes straight...i do believe he is in better shape than i am. Gotta start somewhere though right?
well mom and steve bought a new house. we get to go see it this weekend. we are also going car shopping hoping to find a 4 door car at the same monthly payment that we are paying now. need more space with all the girls. we really like camrys, accords, passats and well we can drool over the acura that we cant afford. trying to get our finances in order so we will be financially secure later in life...anyone have any suggestions? email us! or post a comment.
going to hang out with erin and alex on friday night..some friends from accenture. they are fun to hang out with, its exciting to have options.
i would still like to get involved into a volleyball league, but we havent been too proactive about that lately...anyone want to play with us?
well....i think thats it.
love you all
Mrs. P