Sunday, May 28, 2006

Married Life

First off, we want to thank EVERYONE that celebrated our marriage with us. Both receptions went great, very casual, laid back and fun. We got to see people that we dont see very often and also reconnected with people we havent seen in a long time. We appreciate the effort (or rather expertise) of our party planners, Cheryl and Ruth Ann and also the generosity of those that helped tremendously in the preparations (Carol, Todd, Ken, Hope, Steve, Jim and Jackie.) The wedding day was perfect!! Not a cloud in the sky and absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Perfect for us, able to have a small intimate ceremony was awesome for us. I am sorry that everyone could not have been there, but it would not have been the same.
I am in awe of everyone's generosity and love. I truly have the best family and have married into one as well...could life be better?
We are spending the next week building a fence. It is a lot of fun. Both of us are pretty handy to have around and we both enjoy building things. The best part is that we can just let the puppies out the door and not have to sit out there with them or tie them up. It will be great for us in a lot of ways. No worries about getting home at a certain time or standing out in below 10 degree weather waiting for them to potty when all they want to do is play in the snow. Life will be awesome!!
I am going to try to keep this pretty updated, but who knows, not very much interesting goes on around here once life gets back to normal.
Well Love you all
Chrissi and Nat