Tuesday, February 06, 2007

New Year, New You

I think that is my ultimate motto for this year. For some reason I just feel like 2007 is a year of growth and drastic change. Granted last year had its fill of change, this is change also in a great direction. i have some resolutions that I am pretty determined to accomplish and one has already come to fruition.
I officially start my NEW JOB at Peoria Journal Star on February 12th. I am excited and scared, basic emotion for the start of any new job. I will be a Production Artist, which basically designs ads for clients. Its monday through friday 8:30-4:45 which will take some adjustment, but they are paying me enough to make it worth my while. I just hope I make it through the 90 day probation period because this job is meant to help with some other resolutions (namely paying off some debt). We are trying to get our heads on straight before we commit to having kids, so alot of the resolutions have to do with that, but its a couple steps in the right direction.

Mrs. P