Saturday, September 04, 2010

Kisses and Hugs

So I am going to assume that my avid readers are anxiously sitting and waiting for my grandious blog entry about my life. Well here it is, but I warn you, its really not THAT spectacular.
Hmm, where to begin? Well I am currently taking a mental break from thinking about this stupid assignment. Its a really difficult assignment, but its also very simple. I think I am overthinking it so I am letting all the information I have read sink in so I can sit down and write it in my own words, although it will sound like its for the layman, it will show understanding right? Its actually not that bad of an assignment and really interesting, but the lecturer and tutor basically told us that more than half of last semester students failed, so there is that added amount of stress and pressure. Although I now think they were just trying to scare us, or speaking to the "not so bright" population. Its been a really full on semester compared to last semester. I barely remember last semester!! Its like a haze.
But on to the fun stuff!! I finished prac more than a week ago. BY FAR the best prac I have ever had. My facilitator was one of those people that loved to teach and very motivated to give us every oppurtunity to learn during the four weeks. She had a great rapport with the nurses and it made such a difference to their reception towards us. The other girls I was with were very bright and enthusiastic which just hyped up the morale and confidence to get stuck into it. I was on an ICU ward, which is very different from a general ward. The patients were way more complex and interesting. Its funny, the last couple semesters they talk about how to do certain cares, then you get on placement and its nothing like that. But this ward really put all the theory and information into practice so it all started to click. The culture within the ward was very fun, relaxed yet focused and extrememly knowledgable. The nurses were brilliant!! They were so willing ot challenge our critical thinking and to share their knowledge and give us oppurtunities to do what we had talked about. It has really made me think about going straight into ICU because I had such a great experience there. I asked the nurses on the ward and it was sorta 50/50 whether to start out in ward to get experience or go straight into ICU. Its different kind of nursing i think. I really like the one on one with the patient and sorta a more controlled environment. I of course developed my favorite patient and followed him up until last day. I only had him one day, but he was lovely so I would stop by and check on his progress. The last day I got a hug from his wife with tears and a genuine thank fantastic!! There were also some trajedies and sad stories and deaths. Fortunately I dealt with all that very well, so I am confident I would be a great ICU nurse. Who knows though...I still have a couple more pracs to go. SO far I have liked them all for different reason, and thats a good sign!!
Its already more than halfway through this semester, then I will be off till February next year. I really dont like these long breaks, I fear I will forget everything I learned. I would really like to get a job though. I want to have some experience under my belt, even if its working for a nursing home or something. I think that will help me develop my skills further and be more prepared in the future, and PASS THE TIME!! I worked last summer and it really helped to have a little income and something to do.
I had a great girls night last night with Fliss, Sarah, Cort, Carol and Becks. They are a great group of girls that I would like to get to know better, but just havent really had the oppurtunities. I have hung out with them 3-4 times. I think if I start going to church at Metro then I will see them more often, its just doing it, ya know? Other than them, I have made some other good friendships with girls from uni. Its nice to be connected, I think it makes a major difference in my life.
Marriage is fine, no big dramas. We have been unsuccessful in our pursuits to get pregnant, but now thats on hiatus because of Carols wedding. I am not going to promise not to be with child, but I also dont really want to be 8 months pregnant on my last weeks of uni. I guess we will wait a little longer. I am not so sure I am ready yet anyway, but I dont think I ever will if it happens it happens. Nat has been busy at work and taking some trips to do training. I think its good for him to get away and have a little change of scenery and job responsibilities. He really likes his job and his bosses which I think makes a big difference. He has been given some challenging projects that he really enjoys. So as long as he is happy and the company is happy with him, we will be here in Australia (or wherever else they might send him).
We got our house in east peoria rented out. Vanessa, Hope, Steve and Arron worked really hard to get it ready for new tenants. I dont know what I would have done if I didnt have them. The new renters arent moving in till mid septemeber but we have deposit and signed lease and Hope seems to think they will be a good fit and take good care of it. I am just glad I have someone else paying the mortgage. I think we would have preferred to sell it and get out from under it, but I am happy to still have it to fall back on =)
I think thats about it. I really need to upload my sydney pics. I am trying to put together a video slide show but just havent had time yet. I might attempt that tonight, but highly doubt it.
love you all

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Hope said...

Chrissi - thank you for the update, although we do talk about these things on Skype, it is still good to see it in your words, too.
Love you guys!!