Sunday, October 04, 2009

Eventful week

Carol was saying that I don't post enough pictures so here goes. Aunt Faith (Mother in law's sister) came into Brisbane this week. It was actually perfect timing because I was on semester break so I could entertain her. It was such a treat to have her here. She reminds me A LOT of Hope, so it was like having Hope here. It was also nice to have family here. She arrived on Tuesday but I had to stay home Wednesday to wait for routine inspection of property. Thursday I went to pick her up at her hotel and we went shopping at outlet malls by the airport. After some detours (gps and construction don't mix!) we FINALLY got to the DFO (Direct Factory Outlets). It was the first time I have really gone shopping and found anything i liked. Faith (being just like Hope) wouldn't let me pay for anything, although I was prepared to buy. I feel in love with this dress but it unfortunately didnt have my size. I am debating going to buy smaller size and figure out a way to fix into it. =) Its awesome dress.
So all day Thursday we were shopping, but never got much farther than DFO. We then went to pick up Nat and work and went back to our house and then out to dinner at Nandos!! We love Nandos--( When we dropped her off at the hotel, she gave us a care package...chocolate is not good to send cause it melts, but when you come on plane, its perfectly fine!! I got Cracker Jacks (was craving caramel popcorn); milkduds; reese cups; peanut m&ms; candy corn (yummy!! and FUNNY when you give to dogs hahhaha); some sloppy joe mix and other seasoning; Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Mix (cause ranch here tastes like mayonnaise); and TUPPERWARE!! I am so excited to have Tupperware (or rather Rubbermaid) that closes...awesomeness.
Friday Faith and I got together for lunch and went to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary ( It was the first time I have seen Koalas upclose and actually got to hold one...for like 2 minutes, enough time for them to take a picture. They are like babies. They grab on to you like your the momma and are really soft, but dont smell so good. They are so LAZY!! They were all either sleeping or eating...but they all had a different look to them, mainly reminded me of bunch of old men.

We also got up close and personal with a few other animals.

That was an eventful day! We also drove around a bit to where Faith used to live so she could reminisce. Again, went to pick Nat up at work and went out to dinner at Lone Star, yum. I wanted to go to a nice place that we had found, but we don't get out much so it was Lone Star. We came back home and skyped with Hope, Faith, Nat and me. It was nice to see mom. I wish she could have been here!!

Saturday Nat slept in a bit (i try but I don't get past 6:30am)--he wasn't feeling well so I figured he needed to sleep it off. I think he has allergies or something, or the remnants of the dust storm last week. Faith treated us to the Story Bridge Climb. ( We met up for lunch at SouthBank -- basically a Brisbane beach in the city with markets, street performers and food court. It was pretty muggy though. We caught the ferry (water bus) to the climb. I took a couple pics of the city so you get an idea of what it looks like. The river is like a snake so it winds around. It really is a pretty city. Hard to believe that there are 14 million people in Brisbane alone, when Faith lived here 15 years ago, there was only 14 million in entire COUNTRY of Australia. Its rumoured that 10,000 migrate to Bribane A WEEK...growing pains coming soon?? Sorta sad, give it a couple years and it will be more like New York than Cincinnati (future blog, I am making a list of similarities between Cincinnati and Brisbane). Nat and I agreed that we really felt like TOURISTS this weekend.


And finally, here is a pic of my "aussie-wanna-be" husband. These hats are surprizingly popular and I must admit, it is pretty cool. But I am convinced that i am much cuter in it than he is.

I think that is it for now. i am going to try to take some pictures at school this week so you can see where I go everyday. Basically I am trying to prove Carol wrong and flooding you with images! =)

Love you all!!


Josh and Brin said...

your food list made me salivate and your skyline pictures incited my travel tendencies. not good since i just got back from vacation. does vacation count if you stay in the same state?!
nice hat Nat, seriously.

Josh and Brin said...

and if you couldn't tell, that message was from me, Brin. Not the other person in the picture. tcha!